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4.9Over 158 Reviews
I am extremely pleased with my procedure. The staff and dentist were professional ,kind and gentle. I look forward to my future visits. Another great experience! Again no complaints!
Excellent care, compassionate and pain free.
This was my third visit (crown relacements) and It was great. What a bunch of wonderful people. Taking my kids here next. Best dental experience of my life. (Ron)
I came in to Bluffside Smiles Dental for my first appointment. I was scared and feeling an enormous amount of pain in my jaw. Upon arrival, I was greeted with smiles, and a very nice lady explaining the process of the appointment. In a short while I was called back for X-rays. Then Carolyn Giannelli, DDS came in to speak with me. She explained what was going on with my dental issues, showing me the X-Rays, and as to how and why I was in so much pain. I had a previous root canal, a crown that had broken in half, in which, was infected. She was very sincere and supportive as to my situation of pain and fear. She came up with a dental plan that made me feel completely comfortable and excited to move forward. I left there with prescriptions to make me feel better and take away the pain. I am very excited to return and complete the dental plan she has made for me. I highly recommend Bluffside Smiles Dental, all staff, and especially Carolyn Giannelli DDS Thank you to all staff members! Sincerely, Carole J Schumacher
I am 76 years old and always scared going to the Dentist. At first, I had a traumatic experience with my dentures. I had to reschedule my appointment for my lower denture three times in fear of having the same experience. I didn’t want to complain.
When I shared my traumatic experience with Dr. GIANNELLI, she not only addressed my fears as it were her own. She was very compassionate and comforting. She ask me every minute of the way if I was okay. I am forever grateful for her assurance.
I would also extend my great thanks and appreciation to her Dental Assistant Leann. She was not only very gentle, but also assuring every step of the way.
It pays to present any issues you may have in order to give them a chance to address the issue instead of complaining.
Thank you both so very much. My recent visit was very pleasant.
We love coming to Bluffside Dental. We tried out different dentists but ended up here because they were trustworthy, so now weve been coming for 7 years. They are really friendly and also great with kids; my son has fun coming here and gets a prize each time!